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The DevOps solution designed for Salesforce teams

Set up continuous delivery for your Salesforce projects with just a few clicks

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Continuous integration built for Salesforce

Gearset is designed to handle the unique challenges faced by Salesforce teams, so you can avoid the complexity of tools like Jenkins.

Deployments that work

Gearset is the only release management solution that analyses your deployments to detect and fix problems like missing dependencies and API version mismatches.

No more package.xml

Thanks to our intuitive UI, you'll never need to build a package.xml again. Pick which metadata to monitor by type or regular expression and let Gearset handle the rest.

Everything you need in one tool

Monitor your git repos and run your unit tests, all with static code analysis built in.

A breeze to set up...

Just connect to your version control system and Gearset will monitor your repository for changes, automatically deploying them to your Salesforce org. It's that easy.

...but with powerful configurability

Built specifically for Salesforce, Gearset gives you fine-grained control over which metadata and managed packages to monitor, which unit tests to run, and which static code analysis rules to apply.

Designed for Admins and Developers alike

Everything your team needs for a modern release process, regardless of your technical background.

Commit to git without the CLI

Create a branch, compare your environments side-by-side with easy-to-interpret diff highlighting, select changes, and commit to git. All without opening the command line.

Monitor Prod for surprise changes

Production hotfixes are a fact of life. But with Gearset’s org monitoring, you can detect unexpected changes and push them back to your git repo in a few clicks.

Trusted by businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 5

There’s now more flexibility for all of us to work the way we want. Developers can commit code and I can then test it automatically. It allows me to collaborate a lot more with the developers and have greater visibility into the changes being moved across.

Nghi Lam | Salesforce Analyst, Cisco Meraki

The fastest way to create a CI process for Salesforce

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Complete CI history

See the complete history of all your CI jobs and download detailed deployment reports.

Create validation only CI jobs

Run validation-only CI jobs to continuously check your tests are passing.

Built-in static code analysis

Automated Apex code analysis is run during CI jobs to catch bugs early and ensure high code quality.

Deploy specific metadata types

Include and exclude specific metadata types and managed packages for every CI job you create.

Custom notifications of deployments

View the results and receive alerts as to the outcome of a CI job via email, text or through Slack channels, Microsoft Teams updates and Chatter integration.

Only deploy specific difference types

Configure your CI job to deploy any combination of new, changed or deleted items.

Continuous integration FAQs

You can choose any combination of Salesforce orgs or source control repositories as either the source or target of your metadata.

With Gearset's CI feature there's no need for Jenkins. Gearset's built-in automation engine removes the need for other 3rd party tools.

Yes! Gearset supports all Git based providers as standard - even if it's on-premise.

CI jobs can be triggered by commits to source control via webhooks or on a scheduled basis for hosted Git providers. CI jobs are run at 4 hour intervals for on-premise configurations.

Yes. Gearset's CI functionality is highly configurable with the ability to specify the types of changes to include (i.e. any combination of new, changed or deleted), as well as the metadata types to include.

You can use specially created CI filters of your own to ensure that only the metadata you want to be included is ever deployed.

Yes! Gearset keeps a complete history of all changes made by any CI job(s). You can also download the automatically generated pdf deployment reports as well as the deployment package for a complete audit trail.

Yes. Validation-only CI jobs will run your tests and confirm your metadata is valid, but won't deploy any changes to the target environment.

Gearset follows Salesforce's default and automatically rolls back your org to its previous state before any changes were attempted. Gearset also provides a complete list of the validation errors that caused your CI job to fail.

Yes. You can enable and pause any CI jobs that you have created. You can also kick off a CI job on demand if required.

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