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Get peace of mind with a complete backup solution for Salesforce, giving you the ability to restore data and metadata quickly and reliably

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Stop data loss

Data loss is costly for your business, damaging to your org, and surprisingly common.

  • User error often results in accidental data loss
  • Faulty integrations can corrupt or delete datasets
  • Salesforce outages are rare but have caused problems in the past

Restore whatever's lost

How confident are you in your team's ability to restore lost data quickly? With Gearset, you can guarantee quick and easy disaster recovery.

  • Automated backups of data and metadata run daily
  • Smart alerts help to minimize time to discovery
  • Restore from any point in your backup history

With the recent significant Salesforce service disruption, Gearset proved to be the most important utility in my team's software toolbox. I know I speak for my larger team when I say thank goodness for Gearset.

Lance Sulton, Director, NextGen Healthcare

Backup powered by DevOps

Restoring from a backup is like running a Salesforce deployment. With Gearset, disaster recovery uses familiar workflows and runs on the ecosystem’s most successful deployment engine.

  • Back up data and metadata on demand
  • Recover lost data quickly in a matter of clicks
  • Restore data hierarchies while preserving parent-child relationships

High-performing DevOps teams are also the best at restoring lost data. Find out why in our detailed factsheet:

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Security & compliance

Gearset offers enterprise-grade security, and helps you to comply with data regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

  • Set your own retention policy
  • Purge individual records to comply with data protection regulations
  • Choose whether to store your data in the US or in the EU

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