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Top 5 reasons to switch from Ant to Gearset

Tired of editing your package.xml?

Who has the time to work out what needs to go into your package.xml or to figure out the magic incantations needed to make Java do the right thing? Gearset’s browser-based UI lets you pick the exact components you want and works around issues like the pesky 10,000 file limit, saving you time and effort

Skip the hassle of copying and pasting snippets of XML

Ever spend hours copying field level security XML from one profile to the other, inevitably missing out a closing tag somewhere on line 4723? If so, you’ll appreciate Gearset's granular package building that allows you to easily select individual deployable components including permissions, fields and translations

Deploy tricky metadata types

Trying to use Ant to deploy Flows, Communities and other complex metadata types can leave you weighed down with cryptic error messages. Gearset's problem analysis automatically identifies and fixes issues that would ordinarily cause Ant to fail. Coupled with our unique dependency analysis, Gearset ensures that your deployments work first time

Directly connect your orgs to git

Using Ant to pull changes from your org just to push them to git? It’s time to cut out the middleman with Gearset’s full native support for leading version control providers, including GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab and VSTS. Gearset's simplicity means that people of all technical abilities can use the repository, ensuring that it becomes the single source of truth for all your changes

No more legacy on-prem software

Fed up with your Jenkins CI build failing more often than it passes and seeing that your nightly backups to git have failed? Gearset’s completely hosted solution, with automated CI, backup and unit test scheduling means that you can leave these problems in the past

Choose what to deploy and Gearset will do the rest

These are just a few examples of how Gearset can solve the problems that Ant users face every day. As well as these features, you'll find a line-by-line diff viewer tailored to Salesforce metadata, customized filtering to control what to fetch and which differences to show, and even partial and full rollback to revert unwanted changes. This means that no matter your use case, with Gearset your releases will be faster, simpler, and more reliable.

"Refreshing sandboxes with Eclipse and a manual diff would take me days. With Gearset, I only had to make a few minor tweaks and it was done. What would take me a day and a half, took me an hour or two."

Julie Zaretsky | Lead Software Engineer | Xaxis

"We had been struggling with deployments, and needed a better solution than Ant. Gearset allows us to see the differences between our orgs and keep tabs on anything that’s being done. Gearset has made the whole process so much easier and faster."

Teodros Negussay | Salesforce Developer | DIR

"Gearset has saved me an incredible amount of time. It cuts profiles and custom objects into discrete deployable units and I can see exactly what’s different without having to parse XML - it’s beautifully simple."

Kevin Carr | Software Engineer | Marble Method Software

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