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Metadata change monitoring in Gearset

Gearset's metadata change monitoring gives you a detailed audit trail of configuration changes in your orgs, on a day-by-day basis. It works by comparing daily snapshots of your org's metadata and highlighting any changes. The change history helps improve visiblity into changes, prevent accidental overwriting of changes, and enhances your audit capability. You can also roll back unwanted changes that have been detected and use the snapshot feature to back up your org's metadata on-demand.

Creating metadata change monitoring jobs

Note: before creating an automated unit testing job, you first need to have added a connection to at least one of your Salesforce orgs. You can do this via the Manage orgs tab.

To add an automated metadata change monitoring job:
  1. Navigate to the Change monitoring tab
  2. Click on Add new job
  3. Give the job a descriptive name (e.g. Production full snapshot)
  4. Select one of the Salesforce orgs that you've connected to in Gearset that you'd like to monitor for metadata changes
  5. Click Save to create the job

To specify notification preferences when job finishes:
  1. Select the Notification settings tab
  2. Choose to send notifications daily, irrespective of outcome, or only send a notification when changes to the org's metadata are detected
  3. Enter email addresses to notify

Gearset also supports SMS notifications (UK and US only), Slack channel integration via webhooks and Chatter integration.

Specify the type of metadata to monitor for changes:

You can specify which metadata types you want your change monitoring job to retrieve from your org. This is the same filter as you would use when running a manual comparison between orgs. You can select from pre-defined filters or create your own custom filter for the job.

  1. Select the Metadata filter tab
  2. Choose to monitor for changes to all metadata, or create your own custom metadata filter to only monitor for changes to specific types
  3. Select the Include managed packages option if you'd like to monitor for changes to metadata that exist in any managed packages

Viewing changes, rolling back detected changes and backing up your metadata

The change monitoring overview page displays a list of the change monitoring jobs created, with the most recent outcome of the check for changes to an org's metadata.

You can manually create a backup of your org's metadata using the play button located in the actions column. This will take an automatic snaphot of your Salesforce org's metadata and save it as a downloadable zip file in the monitoring job history.

The monitoring history shows the result each day of the automated metadata change monitoring check. Total differences detected is broken down into changed objects, new objects and deleted objects. Clicking view comparison will load the results grid from Gearset, showing the details of each change and its associated metadata.

Additional options available from the monitoring history includes the ability to roll back detected changes. An automated comparison of the org's metadata runs using a snapshot of the org's metadata taken when the monitoring job was last run, against the orgs current live state. This enables both full or partial rollback of any unwanted changes detected (watch demo).

The comparison details displays the exact differences detected in the metadata for your org, including changed objects, new objects, and deleted objects, with line-level differences of the metadata.