Regular office hours: Chat all things DevOps with Gearset's CEO

Regular office hours: Chat all things DevOps with Gearset's CEO

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Here at Gearset we’re proud of the relationship we have with our users. We work tirelessly to provide both the best product and the best support possible, and for us, this all stems from one thing: conversations. With this in mind, there’s now an additional way to talk with me directly. This is for a few reasons:

A culture of communication

From Gearset’s perspective, the conversations we have with you let us know what we’re doing right, what we could be doing better, and how we might provide even more value to the teams practicing DevOps on Salesforce. Through talking, we are able to offer - and receive - advice about our product. It also just allows us to get to know you better.

Getting back to our roots

For me, the opportunity to talk directly with current or potential users is an experience that has become difficult to do as much as I’d like. When we first started as a company with fewer than a dozen people, I was able to spend almost the majority of my time chatting to everyone individually. Having the chance to do so again will help me maintain the open communication that’s at the root of the Gearset ethos.

Transparency forms trust

Trust is fundamentally important in any relationship, including the one between an individual and a company. Trust is hard to achieve without transparency. Gearset understands this, and we consider these values an unwavering priority and commitment. Opening up a direct line of communication with the CEO affirms that commitment - it gives you a chance to talk to me and, hopefully, another way we can build on the trust you place in Gearset.

To book a meeting with me, click the link below to get started.

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