Better filtering of your Salesforce metadata

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One of the big advantages of Gearset is that you can see all the metadata differences between two orgs, making it easy to build a deployment package containing just the changes you need. Unfortunately, when working on a large or complex deployment, these differences can be overwhelming. For example, you might want to deploy changes specific to a particular feature while leaving others out. This could mean there are be changes you’re not interested in and even whole objects that you’d like to ignore.

We’ve extended our filtering of comparison results by introducing two new prefixes, making it easier than ever to find the changes you’re interested in.

  1. "not:" - Filtering rows to those that match a word or phrase is useful, but there are occasions when you’d rather filter to rows that don’t contain a term, for example excluding a specific namespace. Using the “not:” prefix, you can achieve just that:

    Inverting a filter with 'not:'
  2. "regex:" - Free-text searching is great for finding individual objects or metadata types, but what if you need to match multiple objects or types at once? Prefixing your filter with “regex:” will treat anything that follows it as a regular expression:

    Filtering using regular expressions with 'regex:'

You can, of course, combine these to easily exclude rows matching a particular pattern. This is great if you know there are a couple of standard objects you don’t want to look at:

Combining filter prefixes

That just about wraps things up. If we’re missing something from filtering that you’d really like to see, then just pop a suggestion on our feedback forum, or fire us an email at [email protected]!

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